Publishing Scam Thoughts, Part I

There but for the grace of God...

After reading A.C. Crispin's latest blog post about the abuse the Writer Beware staff takes, I wasn't so much surprised that people can be so stupid as appalled by it.

I understand it's human nature to take out anger at a message on the messenger, and to lash out when wounded, but to waffle and equivocate becase you want something to be true and haven't examined your own motives is hard to forgive.

I've seen many threads on writing forums where the poster, after being told that the agent he's considering signing with is possibly a scammer, follows up with repeated posts to the effect of "But what about this straw? Does this straw mitigate everything else?" despite the chorus of responses to the contrary.

Or where the person viciously and maliciously attacks the messenger because they have devoted so much of their own self-worth into the transaction that they react like a wounded, cornered animal.

Usually these are the ones who eventually see the light and join the Side of Good, but, unfortunately, use the same tactics against those they formerly sided with. And it's ugly no matter who it's aimed at.

I have great respect for the folks at Writer Beware and Preditors & Editors, and I admire their patience, energy, and dedication to a cause that must sometimes seem like trying to rescue a drowning swimmer who insists he can breathe water.


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