On Back Blurbs

I was browsing the bookstore shelves the other day and, amazingly enough, found a book that looked interesting (the fact that I was in the mystery section may have had something to do with this).

Since it was the first in a series, I quickly scanned the back of the next one to see see if it'd be worthwhile to buy them both right away.

Big mistake.

The cover for the second book had the right names, but none of the same details as the first. The heroine's job had changed from something respectable to criminal, and the love interest (husband, no less!) was not even someone mentioned on the back blurb of the first book.

I put them both back and did a little research* when I got home. Turns out that the second book's blurb had just utterly spoiled both of the major twists in the first book (the heroine's real job and the real love interest).

I don't insist that the back covers of sequels be spoiler free. But I'd at least like a *little* mystery left to the earlier books, especially when it'd be as easy as leaving out a name.

* I usually wish the jerks who leave spoiler-laden and vapid summaries masquerading as reviews on Amazon would FOAD, but in this case it came in handy.