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"Talk: excessive. Time: limited."

The busy crew at Absolute Write have been given access (for a scant 24 hours) to their database. The general gist of the official thread as of this morning is that they're waiting for their new host to do a restore, and that it's looking tentatively optimistic.

This is fantastic news. The ex-host hasn't won any brownie points by their handling of the situation or the aftermath. Bizarrely, to announce the release of data, the woman posted a snippy comment in her blog's comment thread that was incomprehensible at the time but makes sense in light of the official word last night.

Then her husband chimed in by bitching in the Making Light thread about not getting the kudos he apparently feels he deserves for magnamiously letting a customer have her own data back.

(Tangent alert.)

Writing is about communication, and if you are so utterly incoherent and disorganized in your thoughts that you can't communicate a simple thought in a logical, coherent way, you have no business being a writer. And I'm not talking about a pre-coffee dashed off comment, or that post you wrote while drunk off your ass at 2AM; those are forgivable. But anything you've had the chance to review and edit (and that isn't being left up as a reminder not to drink so much because LOOK what happens) should be, at the minimum, organized to the standards of your high school English teacher.

(Uh... end tangent. Ahem.)

Oh, and to those who are claiming this is a lynch mob effort -- you're welcome to jump on the opposite side and defend 'em if you can. One of the hazards of ticking writers off is that they will write about you and your actions; nobody's forcing you or readers or tomorrow's readers to believe anything.

And to those who are on AW's side and making remarks about how "cool the anti-Barbara Bauer" effort is, and how "scary" AW's members are when they get riled up; please stop. It's not cool, it's not scary, it's not a lynch mob or an AW army or an unstoppable juggernaut of bitchslappin' scammers or whatever. It's a bunch of people who believe something wrong has happened, who have voices, and who are trying to use those voices to right that wrong. And that's it.

(Okay, end tangent here. Promise.)

In the end, I'm just glad that Absolute Write has a shot at being fixed up properly, and that things can get back to normal.

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