The Last Unicorn

That is most of it, being a wizard--seeing and listening. The rest is technique.

I can't believe I just found out about this, completely by accident. Pretty despicable, if not entirely unexpected; essentially, the owners of the animated The Last Unicorn were supposed to pay the author a percentage of the net profits and never did.

I think I've seen something like this before while trying to find out how Uwe Boll continues to get funding; from what I gather, 'net profits' is movie speak for 'none'.

Apparently, according to my somewhat lazy research, the movie studios have hordes of accountants whose jobs are solely to prove via paper manipulation and chicanery that a movie never made a dime of net profit, no matter how much it actually made (see "Hollywood Accounting"). So I'm not surprised the author made nothing (although I am definitely outraged -- this is disgusting and unethical).

It's OUTRAGEOUS that this sort of thing goes on, and that nobody can seem to stop it. I bought the DVD when it first came out; I had been waiting for the DVD release for months. I would buy a special edition in a heartbeat -- but not if the author is being shafted.


Blogger Off the Grid said...

By sheer coincidence, I just finished The Last Unicorn and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I also discovered that if you play the movie backwards while drinking Red Bull, you here a message from the devil.

Freaky, no? And that's just the half of it. It goes without saying the the entertainment industry is awash in satanic indifference.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006 8:26:00 PM  

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