I Hate Commenting

I am a serial almost-commenter. I swear, it's the most annoying thing... I write long, detailed, well-thought out, lovingly edited comments, and then I don't post them.

Usually it's because I realize at the last moment that it's all useless anyway. This might be years of internet communication participation speaking, but I can't seem to shake the feeling that I'm either preaching to the choir if the thread agrees with me, or spitting into the wind if it doesn't. This is defeatist, yes, but ties in nicely to the other reason.

Why should anyone care what I think anyway? I'm not an author, a publisher, an editor, or an agent. I'm in the writing equivalent of physical therapy at the moment; struggling to take those first halting steps after years of avoidance, hoping to start actually writing fiction again. I'm pretty darn good at critiquing, but I don't have the patience to prove it again, and I'm not sure I have the stamina to take it up again.

I guess, fundamentally, I'm a reader; I read. And when it comes to reading, I'm usually confident in my opinion -- anything else is just me talking to hear myself talk.


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