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Go here to see the original post on Jenna Glatzer's blog.

Absolute Write's former hosting company has missed the deadline to hand over the databases again.

It's disgusting; there's absolutely no reason for it. It's data, for christssake. If you have a grievance, make a copy for your records (which is probably illegal too, but hell, it's better than holding an entire company hostage until they sue your pants off).

Anyway, Jenna is asking for donations to help get Absolute Write back up and running.

Oh, and that crappy hosting company shouldn't think for a minute that they've won in any way. If AW had to start over from scratch today, it would just be better than it was before because everyone is pitching in to make it better. So holding the databases hostage is doing nothing but making the hosting company look petty and spiteful, and opening them up to some serious legal issues.

I'm cynical and currently cranky, but I wouldn't be surprised if they aren't trying to hold onto the databases for their new, excuse me, relaunched "writing website" (link is nofollow), although I can't imagine how that'd really be possible.

Some people are just that stupid.

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